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Button Templates - Free Digital Download

Button Templates - Free Digital Download

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This is the digital download of our button templates. They are .psd files so you must have a way to open it. Before creating and saving, make sure the file is set for 300 DPI. Save each individual design as a .jpg or .png etc.

If you are ordering pocket mirrors and/or bottle openers, you will want to select the 2.25" button template.

- One inch products are small, if you have a detailed design I would think about bumping up to 1.25". If you have a VERY detailed design, I would bump up to 2.25".
--Make sure to remove the red inner ring layer before saving as this will print on your design if saved together. 

Design Tips:
- If you can, extend the design to the black outer ring, this is the bleed line.
- Keep all important images and text inside the inner red ring.
- If you'd like to add a saying or URL to the edge, please double click the text and change it. you can toggle on/off the white stroke on the text.

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